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  • Accounting & General Services (DAGS), Department
  • Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism - Hawaii State Energy Office
  • Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs

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  • Department of Health – Solid & Hazardous Waste Branch
  • Department of Human Services

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  • Department of Taxation

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    Administrative Boards of Taxation Review are established in each of the taxation districts pursuant to §26-10(d) and §232-6, Hawaii Revised Statutes. The Boards of Review for each of the four Taxation Districts of Oahu, Maui, Kauai and Hawaii Island meet to informally hear and decide disputes between taxpayers and the tax assessor as an alternative to filing a formal appeal with the Hawaii Tax Appeals Court. The Boards of Taxation Review may hear cases on a broad range of issues except for matters involving the United States Constitution or the laws of the United States. Because of the informal nature of the hearings, taxpayers often make their arguments to the Boards without having an attorney, no transcripts of the proceedings are made, and the decisions are not published.

  • Hawaiian Humane Society

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    The Hawaiian Humane Society is dedicated to promoting the human-animal bond and the humane treatment of all animals. We work towards creating a truly humane society based on compassion and shared responsibility. We envision a community in which every companion animal has a home – a community in which people highly regard and care for their own animals and all animals on O’ahu.

  • Hawaii District Bankruptcy Court

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  • Hawaii District Court

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  • Hawai'i State Judiciary

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    The mission of the Judiciary, as an independent branch of government, is to administer justice in an impartial, efficient and accessible manner in accordance with the law.

    The Judiciary is one of three branches of state government in Hawai`i. The other two are the executive and legislative branches. As an independent government branch, the Judiciary is responsible for administering justice in an impartial, efficient and accessible manner according to the law.

    Once every minute, a case is filed in one of Hawai`i’s state courts. Judges preside over a wide variety of cases including divorces, child abuse cases, landlord-tenant disputes, traffic violations, and assaults, and make decisions that can have lifelong consequences for the people involved. The law and the system may seem complex, but at its heart is the protection of individual rights and freedoms, a precious key to a sound democracy. Democracy cannot function unless the third branch of government decides each case based solely on the particular laws and facts presented, regardless of public opinions and other outside influences.

  • Hawaii Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

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  • Hoisting Machine Operators Advisory Board

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    The Hoisting Machine Operators Advisory Board, an attached agency of the State of Hawaiʻi Department of Labor and Industrial Relations (DLIR), exists to verify and certify Island operators of all construction crane and tower machines having a lifting capacity of one ton or more.

    HMOAB operates with a five-member advisory board, made up of representatives from organized labor and construction management firms, and are appointed by the Governor for four-year, staggered terms. The Administrative and financial business for the agency is completed by an Executive Assistant, who serves at the direction of the Board.

  • Labor and Industrial Relations

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  • Police Department

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    The Honolulu Police Department (HPD) was established in 1932 and is located on the island of Oahu at 801 South Beretania Street. The department’s jurisdiction encompasses the entire island of Oahu, which has a circumference of about 137 miles and an area of approximately 596 square miles. Oahu has a population of about 1,000,000 including military personnel, but excluding visitors. In 2018, there were 5,862,358 visitors to the island of Oahu.

  • Public Utilities Commission
  • State Judiciary

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    The mission of the Judiciary, as an independent branch of government, is to administer justice in an impartial, efficient and accessible manner in accordance with the law.