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Hi. I have an old title that has the signature of the seller and dated and assigned to me, but he didn't have it notarized. So if I fill out the statement of transfer and we both sign and date that, does that form DR2445 need notarized? And then do I simply take the original title and the statement of transfer in to Dept of Revenue and get a new title? Thank you.

We received an Annual Privacy Notice from the CDTFA, but we have no idea why. The letter was not addressed to anyone specifically; it only had our residence address where we have lived since 2015 and have never received anything like this before. We do not own a business, nor do we sell, manufacture, distribute, store or import anything or own any underground storage.

Can an employee make changes to, or cancel their original payroll deduction agreement before the amount owed is satisfied? Must the employer wait to receive a letter from the IRS for approval to make changes to or cancel the payments?

We have an unincorporated association of older women that informs people about climate change, and advocates for an end to the use of fossil fuels. We don't do this for mony -- i.e., we don't make a profit-- and there is no need for employees except that association members might individually contribute to support a website manager or website service. However, since we do participate in actions against, for instance, oil companies, there is a question about whether our coordinating council members might be sued individually. I've read the NOLO press info on incorporated non-profit associations, but I don't see any compelling reason for incorporation. What do you think?

I'm a 15-year-old student who also runs track and plays football. I'm trying to fill out an application for a hardship license to take myself to school and practice. but I don't know where to find the correct forms. thanks!

Who is the third party in part 2? The top part is the institution with the information, who is the second part?

How do you file a Judges Deed?

Our company has a location in Las Vegas Nevada and no longer needs a Registered Agent. What form/forms do we need to fill out and file to remove the current Registered Agent?

How do I dispute a business license infraction

I misplaced my substance use form (DL-128) that the DOT sent me. How do I go about getting a new form?

How do I open a water vending machine business? What required license or permits?

How do I get a refund from EDD Unemployment?

how to complete the notification of receipt form 81 for Ga Division of Family and Children Services

In the ABC-140, Non-Retail License Applicant section, it says “hold any ownership, directly or indirectly, in any retail license,” “owed by such retail licensee.” “in California or elsewhere”, but is my understanding correct that this application form is referring to only “within the US market" and not "markets outside of US"? For example, if the shareholder of the applicant had interest in a liquor license holder in other countries, do we have to take this into consideration when answering this question? I supposed not, because I understand that this question is meant to check if there are any “tied-house restriction” issues in the US market.

How do I file a release of a medical/hospital lien in Marion County IN? Can I do this electronically or is a wet signature required? I am in Michigan. Thank you

I was left a boat in a will. The father of the deceased can not locate the boat title. He has the will which lists my self as the beneficiary of the boast and the death certificate of the previous owner. What do we need to do to get replacement title and change it over to my name?

Is there an option other than this form in case the co-owner is uncooperative when trying to register a car in WA? Thank you!

How can we justify the narrative report that was mailed to me that is absolutely incorrect from what actually happened in the scene ?

I would like to petition for an amendment/modification to a guardianship for incapacitated person order. Requesting driving and voting rights be reinstated. What form would I use?

Regarding the State of California Exemption Request (SAB 406), which is to be submitted to the State Allocation Board, I would like to know: 1) How/where do we submit this document to the State Allocation Board? Is there a primary contact? 2) What is the timeline for this process? How long does it take for the form to be reviewed and approved? 3) What are the conditions for renewal, e.g. do you have to provide a rationale? 4) What are the limitations for renewal, e.g. how many times can the exemption be renewed for the same site? 5) Are nonpublic schools (NPS) eligible to apply for this exemption?