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Filling out form JDF 417 What do I put in the field asking "Petition of" ? , thank you

I got homestead approved. How do I claim my overpaid home taxes back?

I am in a General Partnership with someone. I wish to leave it. Already left at state level, so leaving at IRS level is last step. Is form 8979 the correct form? What fields do I fill out if I am submitting the form? I don’t know what I’m called and what I need to do i.e. revocation Vs resignation. Any help will be amazing. IRS is impossible to reach for assistance.

Do I put my driver's license number where it says owner Id #1

Who do I file this form with after filling it out? Do I go directly to a sherif or to my lawyer?

Hello, I have a question regarding section E and facility information sheet on the hs215A application form. In Section E when question 1 asks if the applicant has ever been involved with a business entity that operated a health facility, do that pertain to other health facilities that are not under the same FQHC organization? Santa Rosa Community Health Centers encompasses a lot of clinic sites, so would the CEO applicant have to answer "yes" and then name all of the associated clinic sites in the "facility information sheet" section of the application? Or if the CEO applicant has only been associated with Santa Rosa Community Health Centers and its associated sites the answer should be "no"?

How did I file a UCC-3 in conjunction with the payoff of my SBA Covid loan?

Asked about Utah 18 days ago

how do I file a foreign judgment for a family case?

I sold my car and they never returned plates or licensed title in their name.What can I do to get registration cancelled and title out of my name?

Is the Affidavit Supporting Paternity a required document for a paternity case? I don't see it mentioned in the instructions for the Acknowledgement of Paternity form. If it is required, how and when is it filed? Thank you.

How do I fill out a RUT 75 for a boat I got for free? The bill of sale is also for $0.

What exactly does the process to obtain temporary custody of a minor look like? Where do I go to fill out the form? How do I schedule a court hearing?

Do I put my Drivers License number where it says "Owner 1 ID #" ?

I am trying to help my sister file an ex parte petition for court order to release remains of a decedent. I was told that she needed to file this cover sheet along with two other forms. I do not understand how to fill out part 5 of the cover sheet. Would she check conservatee? trustor? decedent? other? And whose information would she fill out on the bottom - hers or the decedents?

How do I order more warning citation books for our USACE Baltimore District Raystown Lake Project?

Do you have to be in SSI in order to receive emergency Medicaid?

Hi. I have an old title that has the signature of the seller and dated and assigned to me, but he didn't have it notarized. So if I fill out the statement of transfer and we both sign and date that, does that form DR2445 need notarized? And then do I simply take the original title and the statement of transfer in to Dept of Revenue and get a new title? Thank you.

We received an Annual Privacy Notice from the CDTFA, but we have no idea why. The letter was not addressed to anyone specifically; it only had our residence address where we have lived since 2015 and have never received anything like this before. We do not own a business, nor do we sell, manufacture, distribute, store or import anything or own any underground storage.

Can an employee make changes to, or cancel their original payroll deduction agreement before the amount owed is satisfied? Must the employer wait to receive a letter from the IRS for approval to make changes to or cancel the payments?

We have an unincorporated association of older women that informs people about climate change, and advocates for an end to the use of fossil fuels. We don't do this for mony -- i.e., we don't make a profit-- and there is no need for employees except that association members might individually contribute to support a website manager or website service. However, since we do participate in actions against, for instance, oil companies, there is a question about whether our coordinating council members might be sued individually. I've read the NOLO press info on incorporated non-profit associations, but I don't see any compelling reason for incorporation. What do you think?