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Where do I mail my completed DL546 form?

Where can I get the info to complete my 72077 form

I am a district coordinator for aarp and trying to get a tax aide volunteer certified - registered with information but when we went to download test for her - information about test blank , no information on page - never saw these before - please advise Thank you

where do I submit request for extension of CE requirement form?

would the person i am adding into my medi-cal go on section 1 or section 2

How can i send this LIC9151.PDF to my property owner via physical mal or email? Do i need to have an acknowledgment or a signed copy from them as well?

How is column 5 calculated? Would it be the sum/difference of columns 3 & 4?

Hello, how can I became a SUPERVISORS OF ELECTIONS’ ACCOUNTING OF 3PVRO, can i get the specificatuons of the whole process or a link for more information? thanks in advance!

Hi! I would like to know if the is an instruction form in order to help me filling up the Petition to Register Foreign Order? Or if there is a phone number I can call to get the questions I have answered. * Is this the right form to register my foreign divorce?( I got married in Concord - NH) * Is there a fee? * Court Name: ??? what do I use? * Case Name: ??? What do I use? * Case Number: ??? What do I use? * Field names are to short for my children names, what to do? * My divorce is final. Do I have to fill up fields 10 - 12? * How to procede to fill the form? On line or e-file? * How to included the copy of the Translated divorce with the form? * Does any document need to be notarized? * Do I have to send ID's from both parts? * Can I sent the forms and evidences by mail? What is the address? Sincerely, Jucimar

can a plaintiff attorney file a affidavit of non-compliance if the order is pending a motion to reconsider.

I am getting divorced for the 1st time. I have a hard time with the R-408 form. Do I need it for my 1st divorce?

My friend has purchased a vehicle from a friend and thr title was not in his name. After receiving the title we realized he had been a victim of previous title jumping from the previous owners. We live in the State of West Virginia where you cannot apply for a Bonded Title. What would be another way of being able to get this title changed and fixed the easiest way ? We are in need of any solutions possible because we are stuck with this vehicle. The previous owner listed on the title lives in Tazewell VA. I have tried looking her up but cannot find a way to get ahold of her..Any help would be greatly appreciated.... Kind Regards, Leah

What do I do if I have no contact information for an heir?

We are a finance company that does loans to commercial entities. We are trying to fill out the Application for Lien Code Assignment and/or Enrollment/Change in Electronic Lien system. Under Section "A" I am not sure how to fill out this section. I believe we opt for Item B. " The lien holder making application is exempt from obtaining a Maryland lender's license or sales finance license. However, we are a financial institution (not FDIC insured) and not a bank. Can someone tell us how to fill out this form please?

Do I have to respond to form DOL-2349E?

At the top of page 1, what state & county is the bond referring to? Is it the Surety Company or the Principal's state and County???

What is the difference between "Hours per week" and "Logged hours" when it comes to individual and group supervision?

how do I get my acct number for VIT?

How many hours need to be completed?

I am not understanding what information is need for the lower half.