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Annual Report by Labor Organizations or Labor Unions
Application for Surface Mining Permit and Plan of Reclamation
Boiler Application for Certificate of Competency
Child Labor Child Actor Release Form
Child Labor Employee Information Form
Child Labor Employee Information Form
Elevator Mechanic's License Application
Employer Affidavit for Filing Electronic Partials
Fireboss Upgrade Application
Fraud Report Information Sheet
Information Disclosure Request by an Individual, Form 480
Internal Security Report for Fraud and/or Abuse Incidents (Form ISEC-F)
Internal Security Report for Non-Fraudulent Incidents (Form ISEC-1)
Law Enforcement Request
Mine Foreman-Fireboss Packet
MR Comprehensive Reclamation Plan
Notice of Back Pay Award
Partials Employee Consent Form
Petition for Trade Adjustment Assistance
Petition For Trade Adjustment Assistance - Spanish Version

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