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The Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Development Disabilities and Hospitals (BHDDH) in Rhode Island is a state agency responsible for providing comprehensive behavioral healthcare, developmental disability services, and hospital care.

Its primary purpose is to ensure that individuals with mental illness, substance use disorders, and developmental disabilities have access to high-quality care and services that support their recovery, independence, and well-being. BHDDH also oversees the state's public hospital system, which provides acute and long-term care for patients with complex medical and behavioral health needs.

Some of the specific functions of BHDDH include the following:

* Planning and funding services: BHDDH is responsible for developing and implementing policies and programs to meet the needs of individuals with behavioral health and developmental disabilities. This includes managing state and federal funds to support service providers and ensuring that services are accessible and of high quality.

* Licensing and certification: BHDDH licenses and certifies service providers that offer behavioral health and developmental disability services. This includes evaluating providers' compliance with state and federal regulations and standards.

* Advocacy and outreach: BHDDH works to raise awareness about behavioral health and developmental disabilities and advocates for policies and programs that support the well-being of individuals and families affected by these conditions.

* Crisis response: BHDDH coordinates the state's response to behavioral health crises, including providing crisis intervention services and support to individuals and families in need.

* Hospital administration: BHDDH oversees the state's public hospital system, which includes the Eleanor Slater Hospital, a network of long-term care facilities, and other specialized healthcare services.

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Adult Voluntary Admission Successive Application (MHL 1a)
Adult Voluntary Applicant's Notification of Intent to Leave (MHL 3)
Application Coversheet
Application for BH Adult Services DCYF Transition Age Youth
Application for Emergency Certification (MHL 11)
Application for Services
Application - Portuguese
Application - Spanish
Blank Recertification
Confidential Report of Incident (MHL 18)
Consultation/Referral Form
CP-12 Form
CP-1 Eligibility Assessment Level of Care
DD Billing Manual
DD ISP Submission Requirements
Denial of Request for Discharge (MHL 17)
Emergency Data Form
Employment and Earnings Reporting Form 2022 Fillable
Formulario De Solicitud De Servicios
FY21 Annual Tier Package

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