The Public Works Division provides technical engineering related administration, review and support to its customer base. All street construction, drainage, traffic signal and street lighting plans are checked by staff to assure compliance with adopted standards and specifications. The planning, development, design and implementation of various capital improvements projects are handled by this department. Technical advice is also provided to other City of Grand Terrace departments regarding engineering matters, capital improvements planning and construction.

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Form Title Topics
Adopted General Plan
Alarm System Permit Application
Animal License Application
Appendix A Draft General Plan
Barton Road Specific Plan
Barton Road Specific Plan Architectural Policies
Building Permit Application
Business License Fee Schedule.
C1 Introduction
C2 Land Use
C3 Circulation
C5 Public Health Safety
C6 Noise
C7 Public Services
C8 Housing
C9 Sustainable Development
C9 Sustainable Development
DAB Project Application
Encroachment Permit Form
Environmental Information Form

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