Emergency Management Department

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Form Title Topics
After-Hours Inspection Request Form
Annual Inspection Application Form Rev July15
Antonio Addendum
Application for a Place on the Ballot
Blasting Permit
Burning Bonfire Permit
City Official List
Code of Fair Campaign Practices
Conflict Disclosure Statement (CIS) (Recusal-City Officials & Board Members)
Contracts Disclosure
Disclosure of Benefits
Family Relationship Chart
Fast-Track Fire Alarm Permit
Fast-Track Fire Sprinkler Permit
Financial Disclosure Report Instructions
Fire Alarm Permit
Fixed Pipe Permit
Former Officials Employees Ethics Manual
Gifts to Closely Related Persons
Guidelines for Childcare Homes at a Residence

Contact Information & Office Locations

1 contact point

P.O. Box 23339
San Antonio, TX 78223-0339

Phone numbers:
  • (210) 206-8580
Fax numbers:
  • (210) 206-8570

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