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The Department of Assets, Information and Services (AIS) supports the operations of other City Departments by providing high-quality and cost-effective services. Formerly the Department of Fleet and Facility Management (2FM), including the consolidation of the Department of Innovation and Technology (DoIT).

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2022 Gross Receipts Limit
Airport Concessions Instructions
Attachment 1 Individual Statement of Ownership
Attachment 2 Personal Net Worth Statement
Attachment 3 Suppliers, Broker Distributor Policy
Attachment 4 Affidavit of Social Disadvantage (2016)
Attachment 5 IRS Form 4506-T
Certification Regulations - Construction
Certification Regulations - Non-Construction
Checklist-Elevator or Dumbwaiter Inspection
Checklist - Escalator or Moving Walk Inspection
Chicago Midway Overall DBE Goal for FY 2020 2021 2022
Chicago O'Hare Overall DBE Goal for FY 2020 2021 2022
DBE Application Checklist
DBE Application Instructions
DBE Personal Net Worth Statement
Interstate DBE Affidavit and Checklist
Monthly Fire Service Test Log
Periodic Tests of Electric Elevators-Report Form
Periodic Tests of Escalators/ Moving Walks-Report Form

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Chicago, IL 60602

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