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The Social Security Administration assigns Social Security numbers, and administers the Social Security retirement, survivors, and disability insurance programs. They also administer the Supplemental Security Income program for the aged, blind, and disabled.

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Disability Report - Adult
Disability Report - Child
Discontinue Prior Editions
Electronic Wage Reporting (Forms W-2)
Employee Work Activity Questionnaire
Employer Report of Special Wage Payments
Employment Relationship Questionnaire
Farm Arrangement Questionnaire
Farm Self Employment Questionnaire
Fee Agreement for Representation Before the Social Security Administration
Financial Disclosure for Civil Monetary Penatly (CMP) Debt
Form 941 - Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return Form
Form 941 Instructions
Form 944 - Employer's Annual Federal Tax Return Form
Form 944 Instructions - Employer’s Annual Federal Tax Return
Formulario Para Querellas De Alegaciones De Discriminación En Los Programas De La Administración Del Seguro Social
Form W-3PR Puerto Rico Spanish
Function Report - Adult
Function Report - Adult - Third Party Form
Function Report - Child Age 12 to 18th Birthday

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How to Apply for Medicare Insurance?

The US government doesn't provide health insurance to the entire population because it lacks a national health insurance system. There are only three government-backed health insurance programs in the US: the Children's Health Insurance Program, Medicaid, and Medicare. This guide focuses on how to apply for Medicare.

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Main Office

Office of Public Inquiries and Communications Support
1100 West High Rise
6401 Security Blvd.
Baltimore, MD 21235

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