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The Marshals Service provides security to the federal judiciary, and manages the witness security program. It manages and sells seized or forfeited assets of criminals, is responsible for the confinement and transportation of federal prisoners who have not been turned over to the Bureau of Prisons, and is the primary federal agency responsible for fugitive investigations.

Forms & Documents

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Form Title Topics
10 Steps to Doing Business with USMS
Agreement Between USMS and Medical Personnel
Certification of Identity
Civil Writ Transportation Agreement
Claim for Damage, Injury or Death
Cooperative Prisoner Transportation Agreement
Cost Sheet for Detention Services
Delegation of Apprehension Responsibility/Case Referral
Leased/Charter Flight Personnel Expedited Clearance Request
Missing Child Case - Request for Assistance
Prisoner Health Care Guidance to Districts
Prisoner in Transit Medical Summary
Prisoner Medical Request
Process Receipt and Return
Request for Advance for International Witness
Request for Federal Government or Military Employee Witness
Request for Service Abroad of Judicial or Extrajudicial Documents Pursuant to the Additional Protocol to the Inter-American Convention on Letters Rogatory
Request for Service Abroad of Judicial or Extrajudicial Documents Pursuant to the Hague Convention
Schedule B Part I Continuation Sheet
Schedule D Part I Continuation Sheet

Contact Information & Office Locations

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Central District of California (C/CA)

U.S. Courthouse
350 W. 1st Street
Suite 3001
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Phone numbers:
  • (213) 620-7676

Central District of Illinois (C/IL)

600 E. Monroe Street
Room 333
Springfield, IL 62701

Phone numbers:
  • (217) 492-4430

District of Alaska (D/AK)

222 W. 7th Avenue
Room 189
Anchorage, AK 99513

Phone numbers:
  • (907) 271-5154

District of Arizona (D/AZ)

Sandra Day O'Connor U.S. Courthouse
401 W. Washington St.
Suite 270
SPC 64
Phoenix, AZ 85003-2159

Phone numbers:
  • (602) 382-8768

District of Colorado (D/CO)

U.S. Courthouse
901 19th St.
3rd Floor
Denver, CO 80294

Phone numbers:
  • (303) 728-7800

District of Columbia (DC/DC)

U.S. Courthouse
3rd & Constitution Avenue, N.W.
Room 1103
Washington, DC 20001

Phone numbers:
  • (202) 353-0600

District of Columbia (Superior Court)

H. Carl Moultrie Courthouse
500 Indiana Avenue, N.W.
Room C-120
Washington, DC 20001

Phone numbers:
  • (202) 616-8600

District of Connecticut (D/CT)

U.S. Courthouse
141 Church Street
Room 323
New Haven, CT 06510

Phone numbers:
  • (203) 773-2107

District of Delaware (D/DE)

U.S. Courthouse
844 King Street
Room 4311
Wilmington, DE 19801

Phone numbers:
  • (302) 573-6176

District of Guam (D/GU)

344 U.S. Courthouse
520 West Soledad Avenue
Hagatna, GU 96910

Phone numbers:
  • (011) 671-477-7827

District of Hawaii (D/HI)

U.S. Courthouse
300 Ala Moana Boulevard
Room C-103
Honolulu, HI 96850

Phone numbers:
  • (808) 541-3000

District of Idaho (D/ID)

U.S. Courthouse
550 W. Fort Street
Suite 777
Boise, ID 83724

Phone numbers:
  • (208) 202-3590

District of Kansas (D/KS)

Robert Dole Federal Courthouse
500 State Avenue
Suite G-22
Kansas City, KS 66101

Phone numbers:
  • (913) 551-6727

District of Maine (D/ME)

156 Federal Street
1st Floor
Portland, ME 04101

Phone numbers:
  • (207) 780-3355

District of Maryland (D/MD)

U.S. Courthouse
101 W. Lombard Street
Room 605
Baltimore, MD 21201

Phone numbers:
  • (410) 962-2220

District of Massachusetts (D/MA)

John Joseph Moakley Courthouse
1 Courthouse Way
Suite 1-500
Boston, MA 02210

Phone numbers:
  • (617) 748-2500

District of Minnesota (D/MN)

U.S. Courthouse
300 South Fourth Street
Minneapolis, MN 55415

Phone numbers:
  • (612) 664-5900

District of Montana (D/MT)

2601 2nd Avenue North
Suite 2300
Billings, MT 59101

Phone numbers:
  • (406) 247-7030

District of Nebraska (D/NE)

Roman L. Hruska - United States Courthouse
111 South 18th Plaza
Suite B06
Omaha, NE 68102

Phone numbers:
  • (402) 501-6700

District of Nevada (D/NV)

Lloyd D. George Federal Courthouse
333 Las Vegas Boulevard S.
Suite 2058
Las Vegas, NV 89101

Phone numbers:
  • (725) 277-6800

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