Division of Financial Regulation

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Affidavit and undertaking - no clients’ trust account
Annual Recertification of Bona Fide Nonprofit Organization
Annual report - endowment care cemeteries
Annual report form
Application amendment
Application for authority to organize a state bank
Application package
Attestation for Reduced Errors and Omissions Insurance Oregon Debt Buyer License
Attestation of Errors and Omissions Insurance
Balance sheet and income statement
Branch application and checklist
Bylaw amendment
Certain Compensatory Benefit Plans
Certified provider annual report and certification renewal
Certified provider application
Change of location
Change of registered office and/or agent
Change to list of officials
Check-cashing annual report
Check-cashing business initial license application?

Contact Information & Office Locations

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PO Box 14480
350 Winter St. NE
Room 410
Salem, OR 97309

Phone numbers:
  • (503) 378-4140
  • (888) 877-4894 (toll-free in Oregon)
Fax numbers:
  • (503) 947-7862
  • (503) 378-4351
  • web.insagent@oregon.gov

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